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The e-commerce.

ssl order only: do I need to copy files to https..


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I am really new to all this so sorry if this is very basic.

I installed os commerce to a site (http) and would like the orders only to be secure.

I assume it would be good to have the client accounts and admin ssl to maybe (any suggestions or opinions on that?)

I checked the ssl box in the installation process so if I try to check out the site goes to https, but I get a "not found" error page. Do I need to copy some files through ftp to the https section of my site?



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by default, the sections of osCommerce which are under SSL are when a customer goes to 'My Account', create an account, checkout, basically the areas which need to be secure, so you dont need to worry about that.

if your host has things setup properly, all that needs to be done is install the SSL certificate and then change the references in the configure.php files setting ssl to true and point the https to the proper spot.

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Usually you will get the page not found error, if the SSL is not installed ;)


If you can post your configure.php file, that would help (leaving out the sensitive database/password stuff)

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