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how to make Info box start from the top and sides


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hey guys.


im stumped on this one, iv done searches throughout this forum, but i cant find out this question..


what i want to do is make my info boxes start exactly on the left and right of the centre table, and not a few pixels in..


refer to www.natashaleedesigns.com


i dont want the white(or whateva colour is, as im playin with the colour scheme) border around it. i have been able to remove the gap between them, but not the gap around the sides...


any suggestions??


if not, is it possible to make the centre table a different colour from the side ones (the info boxes)? if so, how?


thanks all.

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I believe the default template's table properties has cellpadding=3


I've installed the contrib called 'SimpleTemplateSystem', that allows me use dreamweaver or any text editor for that matter to modify the template.

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