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Product Search - Can this be done?


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Due to our various advertising methods, we have the same product selling for multiple prices depending upon where a customer comes from. Example, the price you get on google isn't the price you'll find from pricegrabber etc.


Because we don't want people to search on our catalog and see all of the sale prices available for a certain product, not all products have been assigned a products_to_category definition which prevents the oscomerce search from showing the product in the search results.


Because we may advertise in 20 places and want the flexibility to make a single product 20 different prices, we have just been duplicating the product and product description but ommiting the product to category definition. I apologize if this is redundant but I want to make this clear.


Altough this method works GREAT for people who purchase online, invaribly, a customers call us to order. Our sales reps do not have an easy way to do a quick search for a product to see all the prices available for that product.


We would really like an admin side search that does a simple sql query of select * from products where products_model like "%entry%" and then display the product id, products name, model and price. It would be great if we could click on the link like a buy it now feature or have a new window pop up that takes us to the product info page for that product. I'm sure this must be fairly easy to do but I have tried and since I'm not a coder, the search function has thrown me for a loop.


Is there anyone out there that may be willing to help or make suggestions? It would be greatly apprecaited!

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