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The e-commerce.



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I just did a complete re-design of my site, hopeing to move it into e-commerce. But I don't see how to link my productst to osCommerce. I put it all in there, but it seems to want to make my site, and it's graphics suck. I want to use my current site, and hook it up to the shopping cart, so I can then move forward with choosing my merchant provider and set everything up.


I have looked in the engines, the faq's and all of that, but it is all written as if you are a programmer. Guess what, I am NOT a programmer. I have a full time job making the stuff I want to get up and running on SELLING the stuff, but I do not want to have to go back to school to learn what an squl to an a:herf and a whiatsits to the frunking is!!!


(yes, I am frustrated as all hell right now) :angry:


I made a test site on my site, and would like to hook it up. I even did one page of that site with prices and ready to link the buy nows to the cart, as some one told me at hostrocket, but as of yet, I can not find a blasted thing that will help me figure this out.


The instructions are great, if you are a programmer, but for those of us who are not, who were offered your service through our web-servers, perhaps instructions in simple english????


Please, some one help me.

here is what I have done so far.

test site in my current domain

input page of items into the "catalog" and catigories, with pictures and prices


now what? how do they link. Do I end up sending people AWAY from my site to the absolutly horrible demo that I see when I go to http://www.austincreations.com/oscommerce

or what?


I am afraid, the more I read, that this o-commerce thing is a format that it expects us to fit into, instead of fitting into my format?? as in, the page I see, I get to edit that, instead of using my current existing designed in dreamweaver site??? if that is the case, I have to go elce where. Please let me know now, before I wast any more time.


Please help.

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but I do not want to have to go back to school to learn what an squl to an a:herf and a whiatsits to the frunking is!!!


So, you want people here to do it for you? I think you've missed the point a bit. People here WILL help YOU to learn how to do things - but they won't do it for you, and you have to be prepared to learn. I suggest you make a start on the Knowledge Base.


instead of using my current existing designed in dreamweaver site?


Try taking a look at your 'Dreamweaver' site in a browser that's not IE, and you may be surprised with the result. It may look like badly organised spaghetti.


I earn money rewriting rubbish code written in Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Word and Publisher.



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by reading through your angry double speak, I think you are telling me that I can not use my existing site, but have to dump all of that, and go to this cookie cutter format???


not appropriate for the work


thank you for your time

so sorry to aggrivate you


That was really All I needed to know. Saving money, but loss of content is not going to work in this instance. If there is a way to use this tool with out using it's format, information would be appreciate.




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osCommerce is infinitely adaptable. You can write your site to appear whatever way you want - but you are first going to have to learn how to do it with osCommerce. I'm sorry if I offended you, but I was just trying to point out athat there's no way around that.


People here WILL help YOU - it's one of the most helpful communities there is. But your post seemed to be saying (paraphrasing here) "help me, but I don't want to have to learn anything".


information would be appreciate


Okay, the short version. osCommerce works at two levels. In the root directory are the php pages which pull in the header, footer, left and right columns and leaves a space for the main page content which is pulled in from the file (using the same name) at the level of catalog/includes/langauges/english/ level. I personally don't use the left and right columns and the info boxes, but I keep the header and footer (useful, saves time). This is the code, from the body tag onwards for a root level page without left and right columns. It validates with w3c, and you can then put all of your html content, including your own left and/or right navigation, in the file of the same name at the catalog/includes/languages/english/ level. All you have to do is to drop your html code in there.


<center><table width="738" border="0">
<td><?php require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'header.php'); ?></td>
<center><table dir="ltr" width="738" border="0">
       <td valign="top" width="100%" class=main>
       <?php echo TEXT_INFORMATION; ?>

<center><table width="738" border="0"><tr><td><?php require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'footer.php'); ?></td></tr></table>



This gives you a fixed width page, centred.


Don't say I don't help!



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so you give me a way to keep header and footer and get rid of the rest. Fantastic.


so, do I then put the code from my current site into the osCommerce site? Am I understanding this correctly?


or can I from my download of the stuff to my computer, put it into my dreamweaver, and edit there, and then upload to my host?


I am sorry, I am sure all of this is old hat, boreing, and makes you think, as you said, that I am unwilling to learn.


But, tell you what, you come here, and I can teach you how to make metal move like no one elce in the country. We each have what we know and master, but I am not a jack of all master of none. I am a master at what I do, and this is NOT what I do.


So, yes, you did offend me. Quite well in fact.


I was not asking some one elce to do this for me, I was aksing why I couldn't find information for those of us that landed in this mess with out warning. I was asking if there was a tutorial, for people like me. I was asking if I could use my current site, or if this program was a cookie cutter.


I do not find this at all well laied out, and only people in the know would. That being said, then hosts (like mine) should not automatically hook people who don't know (like me) up to it... Don't blame me for being mis-directed. I am the one who asked for directions, and ended up here.


so, back to the point at hand.


If I follow what you say, I should be able to put my site with in the forms of osCommerce? I think, or this is what I gathered from your post.



A :blink:

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Okay, you will need to alter all of the files at the root level with the code (or something similar) that I have provided. But then at the level of includes/languages/english/ you take your own html code, and drop it in like so (extract from privacy.php)


define('TEXT_INFORMATION', 'Put here your Privacy Notice information.');


Where it says 'Put here' etc, keeping everything between the two commas, insert all of your html code for the main body of the page. Don't forget that any text you include has to be 'parsed', which basically means the following. All apostrophies have to be escaped by placing a backslash in front of it.





With the osCommerce pages that people use to create an account, login etc, you will have to content yourself with just removing the bits of code that include the right and left columns, and add some html to make it the same width, and centred, to look like the rest of the site. It is possible to rewrite these pages, but it's a major piece of work, there's no 'one piece of code fits all'.


The code that I have provided is suitable for use with pages such as privacy, shipping, conditions etc.


You can make your own pages, but make sure that you also add them to the list in /includes/filenames.php.



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Actually if you want to make osC conform to your existing site and want to keep the php down you should look at the sts template system in the contributions section. It is easy to install on a default shop and it allows you to change the look of your site using one html file that you can edit with your favorite editor. Once the install is done you can almost never touch the php again except for editing text.

The Knowledge Base is a wonderful thing.

Do you have a problem? Have you checked out Common Problems?

There are many very useful osC Contributions

Are you having trouble with a installed contribution? Have you checked out the support thread found Here

BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!!! You did backup, right??

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This is one of the most helpful communities on the web. But if you don't want to touch code then osC is not for you. If you don't want to learn code then don't, but this cart is not going to give you what you want. There are other solutions out there.


I really like oSC, got my own osC store but I hate to see newbies beating their brains out if they're not going to get anywhere. That's not doublespeak, it's an assessment of the required skill level and approach to learning something non-core vs what your initial post displays. You could still use osC but you'd probably have to find someone to help.


sorry, honestly not meant to cause offence.

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I feel I need to chime in at this point because I also qualify as a newbie, only at it for 4 months.


But I don't see how to link my productst to osCommerce. I put it all in there, but it seems to want to make my site, and it's graphics suck.


You don't link to the products, you create the product pages through the Admin section of osC, and it the graphics "suck" upload your own graphics.


OSC can be used right out of the box if desired, but osC is a comprehensive, basic framework that one can, and should modify to meet your needs and personal tastes. Products still need to be loaded into the catalog.


Most implimentation, setup and modification questions can be answered through the Knowledge Base, OSC Docs files, and the Search function of the community forum. Those 3 areas have answered 95% of the questions that popped up when I was creating my catalog/cart.


The folks at this forum are, I say without reservation, the best at helping us, the less knowledgeable, php/sql challenged, to accomplish every task that we think in insurmountable in OSC. I thank all of you for all the tips and advise that I have lurked and found from your past efforts.


In reference to AustinCreations, I do have this advise:


1. Always, Always, Always backup your database through osC admin AND always keep 2 copies of your osC PHP files, 1 virgin and 1 the most recent 100% functional (current with mods added).


2. Expect guidance from forum members, but implimentation and creativity is is on you, since everyone's desired final result is unique.


3. There are may contributed modifications available from the members of the osC community. To use most of them you will need to take some time to acquire a basic knowledge of SQL/PHP, file structure, and file relationships.


4. I was daunted when I first installed osC, but it turned out to be really simple to understand if you think in a logical progression. Again you don't need to make any changes to the framework of osC, it can be setup right out of the box so to speak.


5. If you are going to improve from the site, i recommend you get several utilities that are found free on the internet:


FTP program

File compare program

Image enhancement program

Text editor


These are probably all included in Dreamweaver, but I don't know.


6. Like your craft, you needed to take some time to learn it, to become as accomplished as you are today...so is it with osC.


Best of luck,


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