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The e-commerce.



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I just did a complete re-design of my site, hopeing to move it into e-commerce. But I don't see how to link my productst to osCommerce. I put it all in there, but it seems to want to make my site, and it's graphics suck. I want to use my current site, and hook it up to the shopping cart, so I can then move forward with choosing my merchant provider and set everything up.


I have looked in the engines, the faq's and all of that, but it is all written as if you are a programmer. Guess what, I am NOT a programmer. I have a full time job making the stuff I want to get up and running on SELLING the stuff, but I do not want to have to go back to school to learn what an squl to an a:herf and a whiatsits to the frunking is!!!


(yes, I am frustrated as all hell right now) :angry:


I made a test site on my site, and would like to hook it up. I even did one page of that site with prices and ready to link the buy nows to the cart, as some one told me at hostrocket, but as of yet, I can not find a blasted thing that will help me figure this out.


The instructions are great, if you are a programmer, but for those of us who are not, who were offered your service through our web-servers, perhaps instructions in simple english????


Please, some one help me.

here is what I have done so far.

test site in my current domain

input page of items into the "catalog" and catigories, with pictures and prices


now what? how do they link. Do I end up sending people AWAY from my site to the absolutly horrible demo that I see when I go to http://www.austincreations.com/oscommerce

or what?


Please help.

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