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products attributes page does not show up


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I would like to create product attributes/options from scratch - i.e. I have already deleted all content of product_attributes, product_attributes_download, products_options, products_options_values and products_options_values_to_products_options (using truncate).


After this action the page products_attributes no longer want to show up on my screen and I can not create anything new in these tables.


The products I have in the products... tables are no longer the sample data, but new data, so if anybody can tell me how to move on - what am I missing ? Have I deleted too much ? too little ? does my new products, manufacturers etc. conflict with the creation of the product attributes ? what is the products_attributes page depending on in order to show up ?


As I already have more than 4000 products in the products table I would like to avoid starting from scratch, so how do I get the products attributes/options back working ?




Lars Barasinski

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