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reset pending orders to 0


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Hi all,


I am wodering how I can reset pending orders in admin show 0 when there are no orders pending, right now it will show 60 when there are no orders pending.


I know I will have to make come kind of sql query but i am not experienced with mysql and dont want to screw anything up.


I have access to phpmyadmin.


Thank you



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:rolleyes: Thank you all for your replies so far! I must say this community is so helpful!!! :rolleyes:


If you could be a little more specific it would be a big help, just what is it I have to do to correct this problem?


Once again thank you all for your outpouring of help!

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It's not clear what you are trying to accomplish.


Essentially, provide additional info for us to help you... and leave the sarcasm to the more experienced board members :P



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The problem is that the pending orders in the admin panel always show that i have 60 orders, when there is none and 60+ when i have orders, while it is not a real big deal, I would like it to show the correct pending orders amounts.


I am almost 100% sure that it is a database issue but am very limited in that area.


I hope this explains more clearly what my issue is.


Thank you for posting i was beginning to think i ws on a black list or something.


PS: I look forward to the day when i will have enough experiance w/oscommerce to share my wit. :D

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