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Obtaining Old Sales Data


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Hi all,


I am an affiliate at a site that uses osCommerce. I signed up in August this year and to cut a long story short, I contacted the site in October saying I found it hard to believe that after over 3000 visits that there were no sales. They checked and found that there was a problem, not only with me but with others. For me it was fixed on the 27th October and I have since had quite a few sales.


My question is this, as the software was recording visits, click throughs and impressions does it also record ip addresses? I figure that if IP addresses are recorded then matching the lost orders would be possible. Or would something else be recorded so that previous sales not credited can be worked out?


I would really appreciate an answer, as I have contacted the site and said, okay, now it is fixed, what about all the orders that would not have been credited but to date I have not heard a thing. So I figure if you could give me the answers then I can tell them the answer and they can give their web developer the answer!


thank you for your time.

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if they will give you their access log files, you could compare them with yours (if setup properly) their 'referer log' file would show the ip's and where they came from. then you need to trust them for the sales you have sent to them, very doubtful they will allow you to look at their sales records. dont know how you are really going to do it with them. it will take some time even if you do get the logs.

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