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The e-commerce.

Step to step


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Hi you specialists around there.

my chef has a shop (naturally OsCommerce) and wants me to give it a new or better image. :'(


So a need a step by step description of what to do, because i'm a real newbie. All of programming or writing in the data of the shop seems to be dangerous to me, because i've no idea about it. Only thing i can use is html. that's what i can. o:)


Ok...ehm... :blink:

following questions:

How to do the thing about the specials? (First page of the shop)

How can i make a box with news? How can i edit them, if i want to change? Is there a easy solution?

If i want to show the references in the shop - can i write a site (in html or something) or can i link something?

Can i do something like a newsletter?


I said i've no idea about these things? ok.


Thank you for an answer.



Oh.. ehm... this is the shop:


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Look in the contributions for what you want to do. Type in :




etc etc


they have easy to follow instructions included.


Don't "practice" with the live site :'( , set up a sub-domain and copy all of the live site over. Copy and rename the database and set up the two configure.php files to suit.

Have a play around with some contributions to find your way a bit with php and ftp

Back up the live site and database before you do anything.


Julian :D

A little knowledge is dangerous, I SHOULD KNOW.

If Life Begins At 40, What ends????

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