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The e-commerce.

thinking of using osCommerce, but a few questions


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I currently have a old-school, 100% HTML online store, where I do everything "by hand" and am thinking of switching to osCommerce. I have browsed the site and these forums, and it seems like a very good solutions. However, before I start using it, I have a few questions. I hope this is the right places to ask.


1. different prices for different countries.

As somebody mentionned in this thread, I would need to have different prices depending on the country of the customer. For example, an item sold in Europe would be 10 Euro, the same item sold in the USA would be $5 (which is obviously not the same price). It is not a matter of converting the prices to different currencies, but rather of giving totally different prices depending on countries. Is this possible? Without this feature, I am not sure that I can switch to osCommerce.


2. shipping depending on weight, size and country.

Shipping in my country can be really difficult to figure out. An example: I sell CDs and vinyl records. Records are much bigger in size than CDs, and as soon as an order contains a vinyl record, the shipping rate changes drastically. Is it possible to set osCommerce to calculate shipping rates from two tables according to the sizes? An order containing a big item (a vinyl record) should have its shipping costs calculated from a totally other table than an order containing only small items (CDs), with other rates depending on weight. Is this possible?


3. Reservations.

Is it possible for a customer to "reserve" an item, adding it to its cart (therefore decreasing the quantity of items in stock), but without getting an invoice? Let's say that somebody wants to get an item, but is waiting for another item to arrive in stock before finalizing his order? Is this also possible? It might be a bit like Amazon's wishlist, except that the quantity in stock should also decrease.


I hope that I didn't post this to the wrong forum, and that somebody can help me. If these points are address in osCommerce, I am certain that I will start using it.


Best regards,



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osCommerce can be changed to do anything that you need.  A brand new install of osCommerce will not be able to do any of your three wants/needs.


Well, I am not a PHP programmer, and I would not know how to write any script to meet my needs. But do you know if there is already some contributions that might help?



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There may well be. I think if you are going to make these changes you'll need to get a developer on the case. Contact one of the 4 people here (on the Development Team); http://www.oscommerce.com/about/team and I am sure they will be able to quote you for the changes you need.


I can personally recommend the services of both Mark (Sparky in the Forum) and Matthijs (Mattice in the Forum). I have never used the other two so cannot comment on their code skills.

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