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Change target-frame


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I was wondering the same thing myself. I have installed osCom on a client's site (that I did not build) that uses frames.


For now, I have disabled the code that displays the breadcrumb links. Since this client's catalog is very simple (less than 10 products, no categories, etc.), the breadcrumb functionality wasn't critical.


Somewhere around line 80 in includes/header.php is the line:

<td class="headerNavigation">  <?php echo $breadcrumb->trail(' » '); ?></td>

I commented this out and it fixed my frame problems (where clicking home would create another left nav frame). Of course, I lose the breadcrumb functionality..


I know this isn't an answer to your question, but I looked at the breadcrumb code and didn't want to mess around with it.


If you really want the breadcrumb functionality, you might look into some free scripts out there (HotScripts, etc.) that "fixes" broken frames. Not sure how those would work in this case, but I've seen those scripts before.

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Thank you! It's better it's gone than not worknig correct. I will remove it instead.


It's strange(?) because I can't comment the line out with // ? If I delete the line it works fine. How do I comment the line out? Can be nice to save the line to the future...

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