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How do you change the way a product page displays?


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I'm still a newbie, but am getting a little more comfortable figuring out where to make changes. But, I haven't been able to figure out where to do this one.


On the page where a single product item is displayed, I'd like to display the product image above the product description.


Here's the background (reason I want to do this) in case anyone has alternate suggestions. In my admin catalog, I set up the product descriptions so that the description is in a table with a border.


Here's an example:







<B>Name of item goes here<BR><BR>


Description of item goes here








Pretty simple so far and I may or may not end up using this, depending on how I can customize the look of it. Remember, still a newbie :rolleyes:


This is fine when displayed on a monitor set to use a fairly high resolution (on my 19" 1152 x 864 or higher displays ok) but anything with a lower resolution is a mess.


On the higher resolution, the description (within it's border) displays on the left and the image displays on the right - sharing the width of the screen and playng well together.


On the lower resolution (which my husband and probably millions of other people with somewhat poor eyesight use) they don't work well. The description is still on the left but the photograph overlaps it, meaning part of the photograph actually displays over top of the description table.


I had set table width to use a percentage of the area (75%) but when you configure the admin images, you set the height and/or width of the small images to a specifc number of pixals. If the 25% of the width of the screen that isn't used by the description table happens to be less then the number of pixels that are configured for small images, then you get the overlap.


Ideas for alternative displays are welcome, but if you can't offer a good alternative, a path to the php file where you configure the layout of the product display would be much appreciated.



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