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Force Cookie Use and Privacy Settings


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Hi all,


I have a full SSL site certificate and decided to use 'Force Cookie Usage' to prevent SID's in the URL, etc. etc. It works fine when the user's Privacy Setting is set to Medium or lower. If it is set to 'Block All Cookies', it also works as expected by putting up the Enable Cookies message.


However, if the user's setting is Medium High or High, nothing gets placed in their shopping cart when they try to buy an item. They are also not warned to enable their cookies.


Is there a fix for this? I've been reading the forums for most of the morning, but other than turning Force Cookie Usage off (which I would prefer not to do), I can't find a solution.


Thanks for your help.

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The only 'fix' for this is to request that if customers get this message that they add your website to their 'Trusted Sites' list, unchecking the 'https only' box. Otherwise, the answer is 'No' I'm afraid.


However, the default setting for IE is Medium, and most web users wouldn't even know where to look to change it (sad but true), so there'd only be a few percent of people who'd have these problems. Oh, and everyone who uses AOL as their ISP (but that's another story!).



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