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order sent, but not shown in admin


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I've got a bit problem which I can't solve, hope you will be able to help me.


The problem is the following: customers can send their orders, everything is working fine, but when I try to check the orders in admin section it doesn't show any.


What do you think, what can be the problem? I tried to read all the entries in connection with it, but I haven't found the sollution...


Please, help!


best regards:


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Don't know why you couldn't find it - all you had to do was a search for 'orders not showing in admin'. Admittedly though the basic search has become quite messed up recently, as it now won't accept search terms of less than four letters - and 'orders' + 'showing' + 'admin' won't yield the right search results.


Basically, if people are paying via the standard PayPal module, or any number of other modules, and they don't hit the 'continue' button at the end of the payment process, then they don't get returned to the checkout_success page of your site, and the orders don't get entered into your database. With PayPal you can go to your account and turn on the 'auto-return' feature, or you can install the PayPal IPN module which does this automatically.



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Thanks for the reply,


I searched again, but still haven't found the sollution.


I am not useing paypal, and it doesn't matter if I finish the order with clicking on "continue" page, cause there aren't any orders shown in admin, anyway. Although if I search for orders via their ID then the order come out, but without the customer's addres, so only the requested things are shown.


So I really don't know...

Any idea in this case?



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I changeg those settings, but I read somewhere in the forum that it can be the problem, so I did back everything, so now the pending is the default, and there is processed and shipped as well, as it was in the original OsC database.


I really don't know what to do... I have reinstalled it as well, but it not seems to be the sollution.

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