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sort order product list


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i have only 4 products to sell and 3 additions and 6 upgrades.

In the new this month box on the front page are now 6 upgrades and 3 additions and no main products.

second when in category products I dont like the sort order. I want control over that too.

I find this confusiing and want to change the sort order of this lists. <_<


How to do this. I search the forums and laos not found any contrubution for it.


Hope its very simple and i overlooked someting.




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I believe the "New Products Box" that shows up on the index page is the include file FILENAME_NEW_PRODUCTS on line 122 of index.php. This file is catalog\includes\modules\new_products.php. In line 21 and 23 of this file you can see that the SQL statement uses an ORDER BY clause. This will set the order that the rows are read from the DB. You could change the ORDER BY clause to what you are looking for.


From looking at the code, the first SQL statement is used if no catagory has been selected and gives new products across all catagories, the second restricts the new product list to the selected catagory. You would have to change both ORDER BY clauses.



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