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Help.....with Attributes or Product Extra Fields


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I have asked this question with no one answering me under hubbys id, could someone please help me...........!


I tried installing the contribution Product Extra Fields, it would show the fields in admin section, but they would not save when you hit submit and would not show in the products page on the website because of it. I have been trying to get some help for a few days now and no one will help with that or answer my questions.


So I was told to use attributes. Well I tried that and it would be more work, but if its the only way I can do it, ok, I will. But I sell Vintage Clothing and these items are already sized and only would be entering one option for each Attribute


Chest - 34"

Waist - 28"

Hips - 32"





But when I put in the attributes then choose measurement to coincide it has a drop down box that I do not want because it is the only option, it is not a choice. Is there a way of fixing this so that it comes up just text or does anyone have an idea how to fix Product Extra Fields contribution.



I would be so appreciative of any help



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You probably won't like my answer, but here it goes. You have 4 choices.


1) Enter the information in the product description. You rejected it the first time I suggested it, but it will work.


2) Use the attributes and simply accept that the drop downs, or radio buttons if you follow Mibble's suggestion, will look like choices, not simple information. Again, it will work.


3) Correctly install Product Extra Fields. There are threads in the Contribution Support forum. Read all of them. Focus on anything that discusses product_info.php. You said the data shows up under admin. That means you integrated the admin and database changes correctly. It's somewhere in product_info.php. Look hard and I think you will crack it.


4) Write your own contribution.



The forum is full of incredibly helpful people. You've posted these questions under 2 ids and across multiple forums. Someone has tried to help you almost everytime. Don't despair. Don't be mad at us. Don't give up.


I think option (pun?) 3 is your preferred solution. Try it again. When you get admin working and if the catalog side is still not working, post back here or in the Contribution Support forum. Someone will help you. PM me if they don't and I'll try myself.



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I had Product Extra Fields installed properly. There is a glitch with the info you put in the fields being saved. Therefore they do not show up in the product page. This is an error in categories.php. There is someone else with this problem who has asked for help also. I have looked thru all the posts about this and I have tried all of them and I can't get any of them to work. I will try again in a little while and let you know.


Thank You for your help. I did post my product info php yesterday and didn't get any help. I think its in categories because it doesn't save info, but I am not php proficient and don't get all the codes yet.


Thanks again

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Sorry, I can't help you sort out product extra fields, I only use things if they are multi-langual :)


But, if you install the static attributes contribution, you can make the option readonly, and it will just show as text.


see it here: http://www.keukenlust.com/product_info.php?products_id=73


I do not use the responsive bootstrap version since i coded my responsive version earlier, but i have bought every 28d of code package to support burts effort and keep this forum alive (albeit more like on life support).

So if you are still here ? What are you waiting for ?!


Find the most frequent unique errors to fix:

grep "PHP" php_error_log.txt | sed "s/^.* PHP/PHP/g" |grep "line" |sort | uniq -c | sort -r > counterrors.txt

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