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Multiple Background Images


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I've been trying to add a second (non-tiling) background image to my site - one that will appear on every page.


I know how to do this on a regular webpage, by simply calling multiple divs and displaying the images in them. The problem is, I only know how to do this when you call the multiple divs on every page.... and I'd rather not have to add a bit of code to every page of my store! ;) ^_^


Is there an easier way of getting multiple background images to appear? I want to use OSCommerce instead of my current set up, but I want the layout to be roughly the same as my live site (except on the OSC layout I'll be fading the righthand image and making it a background)


My test site: http://raspberrypaws.com/shop/index.php

My live site: http://www.absinthe-fairy.com <--- two background images



Any suggestions?


EDIT: I don't want to merge both images into a single image and set that as the background, because I need my page to be able to resize to fit different resolutions and browser window sizes.

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Related question: what files should I be looking at to find the basic HTML coding used? As I understand it, the pages are generated by the php, but doesn't ordinary HTML enter into it somewhere? The php pages call up other php pages containing HTML? Or something like that?


I'm looking for the file(s) that contain the code seen when you "View Source" of your OSC pages.

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