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changing permissions


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I am trying to change permissions on my image files to 777 and also on the config.php file to 400 to get rid of my error message (I have been reading the forums!).

When I try to change the permissions in my file manager they simply revert back to the origingal permission. I am able to change permissions outsite of the shop folder i.e. in my regular site.

Is this a host company issue, or do I need to change something somewhere to let me change permissions.

Other related issue. I am trying to upload a file to the


catalog/includes/languages/english/shipping.php file but when I try to upload it simply doesn't show up.

The folder permissons the whole way along the path are set to 755. :'(

oh.. i tried doing this through my file manager and through an ftp program.

I just does nothing through the file manager, and I get a 550 error in my ftp program.

I managed to upload a file about_us.php to the catalog folder, but haven't had any luck with any of the subfolders in the includes folder



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Just to be sure that you understand exactly how osCommerce works before going any further. The files which are at the root level of your website e.g. catalog - they contain the php code that calls in the header.php, footer.php, left_column.php, and right_column.php. The root level page, whichever it is, also leaves a space to call in information in the main body of the pages - from the file of the same name at the catalog/includes/english/ level. So, you have two shipping.php files, and if you upload one of those files into the wrong directory you either won't see it at all, or you'll get an error message instead.


With regard to permissions. Which type of server are you on? If on a Linux or Unix you can alter permissions using FTP. If you are on a Windows server it won't work. If on a Windows server you either have to alter file permissions via Telnet or SSH, or get your hosting company to do it for you.



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Yes, I understand how that works and I have put the pages in the correct folders. I should clarify. When I upload pages, I don't mean they aren't showing up in the browser (which they aren't), I mean that they simply arent' uploading. I am able to upload to the root(catalog) folder but none of the sub folders. I'm guessing it is strictly a permissions issue, and I guess my question is twofold.

Oh.. and by the way I am 99% sure the server is using apache

1. Why am I unable to change the permissions anywhere in the shop folder when I can change them on all other files in the rest of my website? Is this a server issue?

2. What should the permissions be set at on the sub folders to allow uploading . (I know Images folders should be 777).

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I talked to my web host, and apparently since he installed the program, and not me... I cannot change the permissions> Odd. But he is modifying it so that I can now change permissions! Now..on to the next challenge.


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