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Hi People,


i know this may be redundant for some of you, but I would really appreciate some feedback. Since a long time a go I've been wanting to sell craft from other countries online.


I am a resident from the U.S but Citizen from another.

#1 Where should I make my business appear to be at?

#2 How can I legally "open" my business, meaning (such as biz name, Tax Id, owner)

#3 Will I be incurring into Imports since my goods come from another country? Can I take my goods into the U.S when taking a trip and from here ship them?


#4 How reliable would Paypal be as a credit card processor?


Any other legal advice that I should be aware of? I have read this forum and it seems like there is quit a few issues, but I would appreciate something that could get me going as far as opening something legal and be ready to sell !


Thank you,



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Your ability of registering a business in United States depend on your Visa status, since you are not a US citizen. In that case, you need to consider your Visa status (ex: If you are a F1 Visa holder you cant open any businesses in US) In according to register a business legaly, and have Fedderal and State tax Ids, you need check the rules and regulations concerning your Visa Status. If you are shipping your products from another country, you need to make sure that it's not against INS rules and regulations. Again, you have to look at yoru Visa status.


As a credit card processor, Paypal works fine. But, some times I have heard some issues with Paypal. Since they upgraded their system, I havent heard any thign yet. You might need to check, www.paypalsucks.com for more details.



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[i am a U.S Resident Alien (green card holder). I believe I am able to open a business wihout any ins issues. I have not figured out the best way to get my goods.


1- I could have them ship originaly from my country to my customers.

2- I could have the items shipped to me in large quantities and then ship them myself to my customers.


2- I could get the itmes myself from my country and ship them to the customers. (what about paying custom taxes doing it that way) I was told I should only pay Local taxes at the airport....are you familiar with that?


Thank you, any more info about starting up a business is appreciated (permits, government, taxes, etc)



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