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JewelryDays.com Review


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I wanted to get some community feedback on our redesigned JewelryDays.com site.


How's it look and work?


Any problems or bugs you encountered?


Any suggestions on improvement?


Thanks Muchly,


- Brian

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Like always Brian, very well done;

1) I am on 800 x 600 and your main page is about 810 wide. I am sure you went through the math but did you remember the cell padding when adding picture sizes.

2) On page http://www.jewelrydays.com/index.php?cPath=1 At the bottom where it says "The result page will be displayed after clicking on the above bar", it is in a different font.

3)http://www.jewelrydays.com/information.php?info_id=4 "within 30 days after your purchase has been shipped please follow 3 simple steps onCustomer Service page. " Needs a space before "Customer". I would copy and paste all the text to Word and then spell check it.

4)http://www.jewelrydays.com/information.php?info_id=2 "For international orders from outside U.S. please contact us at [email protected] or call" Your link "[email protected]" is in a different font and I would and I would change it to the Customer Service clickable link.

5) In your information box you have Contact Information and Contact Us, both sound similar and should be on the same page. Check out my Contact Us page as something similar would serve you better.

6) Your Customer Service page is weak, I thought it just had to do with returns at first.

7) Like me you have many different email addresses the store is using. Such as for Gift Certs. you have two. The contact us page only has one email it goes to, and I am sure you admin is the same. Installing "Contact Us Choice" will give you the opportunity to combine your two contact pages but also give the customer the choice to forward email to the correct department. But that leaves only 2 more problems to sort out;

a) The store (as set in the admin) when using osC email function only has the one email address as default so using it in a store with multiple emails is useless. If you find a way to incorportate the drop down list of email addresses created by Contact Us Choice into the Admin side let me know I would love to have that.

B) All the contributions you have added such as Gift Certs., RMA, etc. all use the DB call STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS. So when a customer receives a Gift Cert it is from [email protected], when they contact you about a Cert. it is from [email protected] or from [email protected] depending on how they contact you. This make no sense from a logistic point of view for the customer and store owner. I would add DB lines for all your email addresses such as STORE_GIFTCERT_EMAIL_ADDRESS and then go through all the contributions added and make the changes.


This will ensure that things are kept in the appropriate email files for when the store sell a Gift Cert and when a customer has a question about a Gift Cert. This is going to be one of my suggestions for MS3.


I am working on this for my store this weekend so PM me and maybe we can do it together.

8) On your category pages your meta name description does not change for each category page. Why wouldn't you do that?

9) On an 800X600 screen you product pages have formating problems;

Gold Yellow 14Kt.

Approx Wgt 11.12gms.

Length 7 Inches

Finish Satin



It flows over into the right column.


Check out your formating on the product pages, make sure the fonts are consistent, and run the pages through a spell checker.





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What Peter Said ;)


My thoughts;


way too much information on the front page

the design could do with being more clean.


For Jewellery sites, I like greys, whites, blues. It just seems yours has no real design elements, it's a bit haphazard.

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