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The e-commerce.

Wha'd I screw UP???!!!


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The site I'm working on:


Midwest Dart & Knife Shoppe


My "Challenge" (read: frustration)


Most of the pages (catalog pages, information pages, search, etc) follow the changes I've made to the standard osC design-

- removed languages and currencies boxes

- moved "What's New" from left to right column

- changed background

- added background image

- changed header graphics (logo, account, cart & checkout images)

- changed box and text colors

- removed corners

- changed copyright text


This would lead me to believe that I've selected appropriate places to impose these changes (header.php, column_left.php, column_right.php, stylesheet.css, etc.)


Why is it that the Create Account, Login, My Account, etc pages revert to the default osC layout and design EXCEPT that the left column (and only the left column) uses my defined width?!!!?!!!?


I've been busting my noggin for over a week trying to chase this down.


... And, before anyone mentions that the site still looks too much like osC to not include them in the copyright -

1. I changed the copyright statement to see if it would change on the pages with which I'm struggling, and,

2. I'm no where near done, yet.


But, I need to get all of the pages consistent with the changes I have made, first.


Thank you for your time, and any help, guidance and assistance you can provide.

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if u r using a shared ssl certificate and are required to place files in an ssl and nonssl spot, could be because u didnt copy to the ssl side

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I KNEW that once somebody told me, it would be obvious, and I'd feel like an idiot.




Thank you, sir. You have saved my head from any more bruising (at least on this topic).

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