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Can anyone tell me why half of the global DEFINEd variables on a page would display correctly and half would display the variable name??


The scenario: Businesses need a more detailed packing slip than the one currently used in osC, so I copied all the code out of the invoice.php page & replaced the code in the packingslip.php page with the invoice code. Made an adjustment to display only the last 4 digits of the credit card number & for the product listing section i get this:


the TABLE_HEADING_PRODUCTS & TABLE_HEADING_PRODUCTS_MODEL variables are correctly displayed as "Product" & "Model", BUT:






are all displayed as the variable name AS IS. On invoice.php, these variables show correctly, but for the same code in packingslip.php, they do not display properly. These files are EXACTLY THE SAME except for the change for the display of the credit card number.


This makes no sense, has anyone seen this before??

got crack?

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If the contants are displayed by their real name, they are simply not defined. Are you sure that the necessary definitions are included from includes/languages/english/*.php?


Well, I am assuming they are because SOME of the variables within the same page display fine, and SOME of them do not - on the same page. On the second page that is exactly the same, ALL of them display correctly...very weird...


The only difference between the variables that do and dont display are that all of the ones NOT displaying correctly all involve the TAX, HOWEVER, they display fine on the invoice page, but not on the packingslip page (which is an exact copy of the invoice file...)


i'm stumped...

got crack?

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