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Handling two companies in one Shop ?


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Hello !


Does anyone have any experiences in handling two companies in only one osCommerce Shop ?

We have a customer who has one company in Germany, and one in Netherlands.

With this two companies he sells the same articles, so the database could stay the same. But what about handling the invoices, different taxes, delivering conditions ?


Anyone suggestions ?



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Do you really want two shops, or just two languages?  It'll save you a fair bit of headache if you just have one shop . . .




No, it?s not the language. I have one shop. Our customer has two copanies, which sells all the same articles. He wants to handle these 2 companies in this one and only shop. normally you can solve this problem with using the switch language functions, but there are so many things depending in which country the company sells. I mean taxes and so on ...


what would you suggest for my problem ?


Sorry for my bad english, but I try to get better ;)

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Your english is fine. :)


You can charge different tax rates for different zones, that shouldn't be a problem.


Remember, the more complex you make a situation, the more opportunity for problems and failure there are.


If you MUST have two osC shops, I strongly suggest having to separate datastores. You can technically put them both in the same database if you want, and keep them separate, but that doesn't really share any data, just keeps you from having to pay your web host for another database.


Keep it simple. I'd either use one shop, or two totally independent (with regard to code and database) shops.



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Hello Jared,


Wouldn't it be possible to have just one sql database and two shops using both the data from that one database? You could then use always the same admin to add and change products in the database?




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Hi there,


This comes down to sharing of information.


You state that you want to share the products on both sites, but do you want to share the customer base, if not, this this needs to be set up as well.


Basically, you should be able to share the same DB for both sites, it should not matter if they are on the same server or not.


next edit the includes/database_tables file. Any tables you want one shop to use and not the other, give a table prefix (there is a contribution for table prefixes).


Now when both shops connect to the DB, they will use their own prefixed tables and share the unprefixed tables....


updates, will have to be done separately for everything other then the products....


Next problem is the images and ssl, if the images do not reside on the same server space as the rest of the shop, then you will need to copy them to both server spaces to avoid the popup for warnings that will occur.



cheers and HTH


Peter M.

Peter McGrath


See my Profile (click here) for more information and to contact me for professional osCommerce support that includes SEO development, custom development and security implementation

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