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Error when trying to assign attributes


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I've been trying to assign attributes to my items but I was promted with the error message below:



1136 - Column count doesn't match value count at row 1


insert into products_attributes values ('', '361', '1', '10', '', '+')





Any kind souls willing to advise what i can do? Is is possible that installing of different modules and contributions results in this?


I'm also thinking of reinstalling my OSc as I have a feeling my DB is filled with stuffs and tables i don't need (due to installing and trying out different contributions). Is it possible for me to only transfer only the data of my customers, orders, and items over, without much "chaos", as i believe there're quite a few extra fields and such created when new contributions are added.


Aplogise if i sound very confusing, but i hope u understand. :) Thanks for ur help! :D

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depends upon the contribution you installed, as to how many fields need to go into products attributes, you will need to look at the database itself and seee how many are there versus how many you are inserting.

for the customer info, orders, products not too bad, however you probably have fields with those too. be better off trying to salvage this one if you have a few orders.

now for development, i suggest you make a copy of your current site and then work on the copy so as to not disrpt the current site.

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