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Export TAB/CSV for PriceComparison.com


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Dear All...


Does anyone have any experience of doing a product / inventory list export

to CSV / TAB ?


I am trying to submit my products to PriceComparison.com they are offering free trial period during xmas 2004.


Pls help...


Here is their data feed format in PDF:




Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi LinuxGuy,


There is a real easy way to do this. Install PHPMyAdmin on your web server, configure it to talk with your database meaning you must know your database servers address, user name and password.


Login to PHPMyAdmin and you have to option to export any table you feel like.


PS All your product information is stored in Products and Products_Description and if you have product attributes then in products_options_values_to_products_options.


Oh and the retail price shown in the products table is your default currency, so if you want them in some other currency then you will have to adjust your price accordingly.


Basically, its pretty easy to do if you have PHPMyAdmin and knowledge of SQL syntax.


The hard part is ensuring you select the correct price if you have products attributes contribution installed if you dont then its a simple two table query using products (products_id, products_retail_price) to products_description (which gives you the products description and I think name)


Hope that helps you out

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Or you can just install EZPopulate and use the Export Froogle file option, and upload that. Poof, done!


- Brian

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Are you in some way involved with shop mania? Is this your own site?



I have installed the recommended shop mania file, however I receive the following comment on opening the file


"A file permissions error has occurred. Please check the permissions on the script and the directory it is in and try again." It is in the default directory and I have not made any changes to it the security is 777. However I do have password protection on Admin for obvious reasons.


What am I doing wrong. I am by no means technical however have managed to created a fully up and running e-commerce website with the help of the forum. So any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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