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CSS Problems with index page


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I started customizing the layout of my shop and this bug with the CSS on the index page is really getting annoying. The shop url is located here: shop. As you can see the CSS for the category box is not working. But if you click on the Men's category link, the CSS shows up. For some reason the class tag isnt showing up inside the href tag for the category box. The contributions i have installed are: Easy Populate, and Simple Template System.

To get the custom menu style i just replaced a line in the categories.php with this:

    line 19: $categories_string .= '<a class="menu" href="';

I would appreciate any help on this problem. THanks.

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I hope this helps:


Make sure that your product information or your index is calling the right stylesheets. It looks like is missing!


Make sure you also us the right class in the categories box. You have to specify the class in there. Plus if it is linking correctly to your stylesheet.


Hope that helps

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Hm... I managed to figure out why it was doing that. For some reason when I had Use Cache enabled, the CSS style for the category box got messed up. But when I disabled it, it started working again. Anyone have any idea why having the cache enabled would do this?

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