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Users with "wheel mice" having difficulty...


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I have an older version of OSC that has been working great but every week it seems I have a customer who enters credit card info, selects the Credit card payment radio button and then uses their wheel mouse to scroll down to continue.


The problem is that they frequently end up scrolling the location of the tick mark in the payments box to "money order". At that point, if they confirm the order, the CC info never comes through. Then I end up waiting a week before the customer emails and wants to know why their order didnt ship saying that they did select the credit card button.


I'm wondering if there isnt a script somewhere that can disable the wheel mouse on a page. I would just add it to the payment page.


I think the other alternative is to reverse the listing of the payment options so "money order" is first and "credit card" is second. But I dont know how to do that.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.




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if they click on the radio button, until they click again, if they move the scroll on the mouse, it doesnt matter if an older snapshot or a newer, the 'pointer' will move with them. without some creating programming, not much u can do except put in something to the effect once they select the radio button they need to click again or use the sidebar to go to the continue.

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