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The e-commerce.

Opinions please


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Could I get some feedback on my site.


I am in the proccess of changing product descriptions, so look at the bracelets and/or mens catagories and let me know what you think of the new look for descriptions.




My Webpage

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The information box but is has a line across the top of it which looks like it shouldn't be there.


I like the box, but I don't like it on your site. Rewriting for the 3rd time here.... Everything on your site seems to have a different look, ie several different fonts, several different button types, etc. With using all these different types it makes the good and the bad stand out which leave the indifferent to look like it should be there. Your box is good, therefore it looks like it shouldn't be there.


On this page;


-kailynngifts_translogo.gif in your header is 1 font. (1 font)

-homebutton.gif and accountbutton.gif look like they are different (2 buttons)

-breadcrumb trail is another font (2 fonts)

-FIGARO LINK Design Bracelet--0297 is another font (3 fonts)

-200410122034570.jewelry175a.jpg (Jewelry) is another font (4 fonts)

-Your product information box is almost the same as your breadcrumb trail (5 fonts)

-Shipping cost for this item is $2.50 (6 fonts)

-Add to cart button (3 buttons)

-FREE Shipping for orders over $100.00! I am going to guess is the same as your breadcrumb trail (6 fonts)

Tell a friend title font is the same as the breadcrumb but I don't know where the blue ties in (6 fonts)


You have 6 fonts and 3 buttons on the page. The box is good, but it doesn't fit in with anything. But then nothing fits in with anything.


I hope that made some sense.



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Okay, I see what you are saying about the fonts. I made some changes to repair. The buttons at the top of page will eventually have the same look as the logo.


Anything else?

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IMHO there needs to be some work regarding the look of the site in general.


Im not a big fan of the background you chose and I can also tell you that your footer should be heading a little further right as well on some pages...


I dont have a whole lot else to say - just try and remember that OTHER people have to like the look... an "amateurish" look will not instill confidence and thus wont translate into sales.


It's always not a bad idea to get some inspiration from the big boys in your field. Take a look at the top sites and draw from proven formulas.



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