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Declined Card causes a prending order recorded


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When a Credit card is declined, it seems that OSC creates a "place holder" in the order numbers, skips to the next number and reports the "place holder" as an order number on the summary page and puts the order number out of sequence.


Example, Joe blow orders a widget from my website, running OSC, Authorize.net, This is the second order ever on my site. I did the first as a live test and paid for it and everything so we are dealing with a true live legit ecommerce site.


So Joe Blow *attempts* to place order #2 but his Card gets declined, so he whips out another card, this one doesn't get declined, order goes through. This order is assigned order #3, ok so I ship his widget and mark it delivered.


2 problems


1. I am missing an order #2 , right now it is not a big deal but down the road I have skipped 13 numbers over 2 months.


2. On the ~/catalog/admin page, the order summary it is reported that I have a pending order, but inside where it counts, there is no pending order.



It appears that OSC uses Order numbers as place holders for declined card orders.

Personnally, I don't care but this issue is driving one of my clients crazy.


Has anyone heard of this?


And suggestions?

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I get this too after installing authorize.net consolidated contribution. I don't know how to fix it either, but you're not alone. I believe I read that it was a necessary change to make the contribution work.

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