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Where are the links defined


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Does anyone know (yes, i've searched the forums with no luck), where the links are defined/made ? like in what file.


For validation reasons (and in the spirit of good programming) i would like to change the &'s in the url's with &'s.


W3C's validator doesn't fancy pure &.. :)


So if anyone could point me in the right direction i'd be thrilled B)


regards, vebj?rn

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Think this is the code, but not 100% sure.


function tep_array_to_string($array, $exclude = '', $equals = '=', $separator = '&') {




I was thinking the same myself when i was scouring through the code in the area you pointed me to, but chaning the & (separator) didn't have any effect whatsoever, so i -think- it must be somewhere else :huh:

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If you changed the '&' to '&' then you wouldn't see any difference in your browser, but (if this is the right piece of code) it would validate with w3c.




I know that :) but it doesn't change anything though because it's not the right code-snippet >_< :'(

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HAH ! I found it (thought i'd post if in case someone else had the same problem) :thumbsup:


I'ts in html_output.php


    if (tep_not_null($parameters)) {
     $link .= $page . '?' . tep_output_string($parameters);
     $separator = '&';
   } else {
     $link .= $page;
     $separator = '?';


replacing the & with & there did the trick B)

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