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The e-commerce.

Flash is Cool!


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Haha, I was bored so i created a flash navigation system for my site... and I was thinking about adding it ~_o i wouldn't be stock no more with that :)) haha... Well anyways, there are some factors that come in play when thinking about using flash...


1) 56k and less are going to have a hell of a time being able to use the site ~_o...


The solution I was thinking about was offering 2 choices, a html format, and a flash format... comments?


2) Flash nav bars are of the past... Yes i know, it was cool awhile back...


Do you think I'm going to get more negative feedback or posative for using flash?... Would it be better just using mouseover scripting and having images changing color?


3) They will have to have a flash player to be able to see the site...



I don't know... Comments would be great... ~_o


Btw personally I've always thought flash was a waste of bandwidth and pointless... :P

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See if you can find a script that will default to a static version if it detects the user has no flash installed. Personaly I would not use Flash on an ecommerce site. Otherwise do not use flash if you cant default to a static version. It would be a disaster.



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