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Sub Sub Categories not showing up


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I have a problem displaying sub sub categories even though there are products in the sub sub category.


I created a category solid / exotic / brazilian cherry for example


there are several products in brazilian cherry, but the parent exotic category doesnt show it


parent exotic category


Product in sub sub category


any ideas


I'm on 2.2ms2, php 4.38, linux 2.4.26



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Hi, I'm still learning myself, so take this with a grain of salt. This happened to me as well. It turned out that if any items are in the parent category, the subcategories will not show up at all. All items must be in subcategories, then all subs show up.


Good luck, Patti

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It is unexpected behavior, but that is how the stock installation works. If you have products in an upper-level category, the categories below it do not show in the product listing view but, if you re-enable your categories box in the left column, you will see that all of your categories at all levels do appear in it.

... if you want to REALLY see something that doesn't set up right out of the box without some tweaking,

try being a Foster Parent!

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