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In osCommerce, is it possible to have fancy left and right borders, that look and behave exactly like the ones on this page?





Search the contributions section for "design" or "stylesheet", any keyword you can think of...there are plenty of contributions relating to this, etc


Hope this helps a little...

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Set up a class in your css file (styles.css), which puts a top and bottom border around it. Then use it like so <td class="newclass"


This particular one will create a solid border one pixel wide around the whole of the <td> with padding, in this case for text, within it.


.newclass {

border-color: 3d8c42;

border-width: 1px;

border-style: solid;

padding: 8px 8px 8px 8px;



This link will tell you how to do it the way you want to.





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I'm trying to insert empty space (margins, columns, whatever you wanna call 'em) into the left and right sides only; not top or bottom. And in that space, put 1-pixel gif's or png's, and have them repeat vertically, so that they become borders. And I want the page to be stretchable, so the new margins would stretch proportionally to the page; exactly like the link I mentioned.

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