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Disable Shipping if => XX Problem


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After banging my head against the keyboard a multitude of times, I'm stumped. :blink:


I'm trying to disable shipping charges in the PayPal Payment module following the directions given Here and I'm still getting the shipping for anything over the price I set.


The only Mod I've made is STS.


Any ideas?

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In /catalog/includes/modules/payment paypal.php I added


      if ( ($this->enabled == true) && ($order->info['total'] >= 50) ) {
     $this->enabled = false;


Right after this...


$this->code = 'paypal';
     $this->sort_order = MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_SORT_ORDER;
     $this->enabled = ((MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_STATUS == 'True') ? true :   false);



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Doesn't that just disable the payment method, no the shipping method?



Doy!!! Now you can see why one should not bang one's head againt the keyboard. You are absolutely right.


Color me embarrased! :blush:

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