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Installing Contributions


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I want to acheive a couple different things. These are three of them;


1.) Be able to get different shipping rates/methods for different products [as apposed to all the methods show up as an option for every product on the site]


2.) Have my product attributes pull down menus update the whole page when chosen. ie[the 9" bracelet is more expensive than the 8" one, which is featured on the site, but apart from that they're identical, so apposed to making two pages of the "same" thing, you choose, and the page changes to the relevant one]


3.) Prevent reviews from being posted on the site without me seeing them first.


Ok, so which contributions shoud I use for these things? They're different types of contributions, I suppose some have negative "side effects" etc etc, people who've been here for a long time know which ones to use, so let me know please. I'm using oscommerce version 2.2 MS2





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