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The e-commerce.

Swiss shop online > 1 year


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Hello !


We have our shop running for more than 1 year and we still continu adding new functionalities like credit card payment, speed improvements, etc. Incredible the time it takes to have a full working shop with all the gadgets and whistles.


For those non-french speaking people, it's a shop for graphic design products like invitation cards, calendars, birthday cards, etc. All unique, in-house creations.


I do not ask for a lot of ideas, but what is your first impression when you go on the site and surf a bit around :


- speed ? (we are hosted on US servers but it is a bit slow for Europe..I know)

- graphics ?

- navigation ?

- layout ?


Hope to have some interesting critics from the crowd.


URL : shop.e-graphics.ch



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I'm at 1024x768 and I still have to scroll right to see the right-hand boxes.


I'm not a big fan of category counts and the Total Produits.


The color scheme is fine. You have a lot of information which is helpful. (OK, I only understood 40% of the words, but I got the gist.)


The pop-up help (red circle ?s) is very helpful. I wrote a contrib to do soemthing like this.



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Bonne soir Didier,


J'aime ta magasin en ligne. B)


Looks well, even though the layout is stock. Your background on the infoboxes is nice and ties in well with the overall brown look.


Speed wise the site loads fine.


Clicked on the marrage invitation cards. They are well layed-out on a standard sized background and the individual card(s) are nicely placed and look very well.


I clicked on the zoomed image and was surprised to find the text href to get a sample if the product. However on your sample.php I was a little disapointed to find that your currencies did not change with the change of currency that I selected ( the scripting on it aint too bad ! )


Once again on the faq your currencies do not change

Q: Y-a-t-il une somme minimale ? observer au moment de ma commande ?

? Oui, la commande minimale doit atteindre 85.- CHF (56.- ?) sinon des frais administratifs pour petites commandes seront appliqu?s.


Malheureusement, je parle sulement un peut de Francaise ..... other than that I'd go through your text.


Au revoir


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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks already for your very useful remarks.


@vinces : yes, it's only in French for the moment. Sorry for this mon ami ! But thanks for looking ! :thumbsup:


@medvid :

- I have installed the Centershop contribution and thanks to this one I saw that the center mainpage is just too big for a 1024x768 display. This will be fixed.

- The category count has been a *hot* issue here. In the business we are in, the more you offer, the better it is. Maybe we will drop the category count for the major categories and only display it for subcategories. Seems to be wiser.

- The colors have been chosen by a graphical designer (my wife..hehe) respecting the wheel of color (didn't know this thing but is very useful if you want to choose colors that go well together). :thumbsup:


@philip :

- for a change, we worked esp. on the contents and functionnality than rather on graphic design and layout. This is another item on my "to do" list. But once you've got the engine running, it's "easy" to improve the GUI.

- images have been resized manually..those automatic on-the-fly things are too slow for me. But it's critical to downsize else those gigabytes of bandwith are gone in a couple of weeks.

- the currency problem on the help pages is a VERY good remark. We never remarked it but I agree with you : a customer surfing in ? must see the prices in any help/info page in ? and not in CHF. This will be improved. 1000x merci !

- for the zoom we use CRIMAGES that puts a watermark on the image


Hey ! At least you try French what is already a very good point. Well my Buzz L., thanks for your time and remarks. Do not hesitate to ask me any OSC related question. :thumbsup:



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Comment tu faites dans ta magasin en ligne.


It used to be nice B) now you have these horrible and cheap leaves dropping from the sky :'( . They have to go ..... please, s'il vous plait.




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I understand but you must know that our main competition is french where their websites are full of blinking gifs, text effects, etc. The people (we call them "grand public") really likes this stuff. What is planned is to have a complete header that is a picture with the scrolling text integrated in the picture.


You think those leaves are really ugly ? I can show other things if you want ? LOL Some pints of Guinness maybe ??



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