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Hello all,

This me be one of those questions where you say to your self, "did this person even attempt to read anything." I will say yes. I have look through everything I could find and can't find an answer.


The question:

How do I log onto the admin section? I goto my admin page and get an access denied message. I read just about everything I came accross and could not find info on where I actually log in at.


Thanks for your time,

Benjamin Sterling

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post a link to how to get to your admin site, and we can then let you know what you need to do. by default, osCommerce has no admin protection and you must install after cart installation.

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Okay I've seen this before. What is the address of the folder that your control panel resides in? Is the address of your control panel (for your website) http://www.yourdomain.com/admin? If it is then rename your oscommerce admin folder to something else.


If not, then go to your hosting control panel, set up a User Group, adds a User to it, and Password Protect your osCommerce 'admin' folder. Then, when you go to http://www.yourdomain.com/admin you'll be asked for a User Name (User you added to User Group), and for a Password (password that for user), and you'll then get in.


Did you, by any chance, install osCommerce from your web hosts control panel - because these sort of installs do come with protection set up. Unfortunately no one knows what the protection is, and that's why you have to make the folder Password Protected. This overrides any original User Name and Password.



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I am hosted on a windows server currently. But I tried to password protect it and for some reason it does not work the way it should. I will have to wait till i get home to my pc and download the folder and set the password on it from there.

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