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sid added to url for first product clicked?


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Setting up my store and it's going fine so far but I've noticed that when you click an item from the front page of the store, the session id goes into the URL for one or two pages, and then disappears from the url with further browsing.


Is this normal? I've got sessions set to be stored in database, and it appears to be working well otherwise.


I notice this doesn't happen with search engine safe urls turned on, but I get other (unable to determine page link) errors with that option.


I suppose it might not be a big deal, but with all the discussion of session-related security issues here I'm a little concerned.


Some sales in my store are going to be driven by a devoted fan base, and I'm afraid what's going to happen is someone's going to see a new product on the front page, click it, and then post that url (complete with sid) in a forum to inform other fans.


Any comments would be appreciated.

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Yes, it is normal. This is what you see when the user accepts cookies and you don't have "force cookie use" on - the cookie gets set when the second page is visited.

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My site sessions remain on every page however using google ads on the third click it automatically goes to login page. Also when logged in I get logged out with in one or two pages. Again this does not happen when I remove google ads. Can anyone tell me why please?

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