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Local time and date


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Hi everybody!!


I'm going to edit my date and time of the shop.


At the TD Footer the day text is in english.

I want to have the text in swedish.

When Im trying to edit in includes/languge/svenska.php at line 21


setlocale(LC_TIME, 'sv_SE.ISO_8859-1');


But I think it should look like this

setlocale('LC_TIME', 'sv_SE.ISO_8859-1');


But when i change and set this 'LC_TIME' i got error like this.


Warning: setlocale(): Passing locale category name as string is deprecated. Use the LC_* -constants instead. in h:\home\users\FA04-15-07-03_hyz923czueukgu2tycd7\swestylesound.com\public_html\includes\languages\svenska.php on line 21


Please help!!


Come on and post!! :D

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