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Mutiple Domains


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I have two domains





How can I set it up so that both URLs work. But I would like .co.uk to display prices in GBP.





Why would you want to do that??!!...just use the .com as your default...even uk customers know what a .com domain is :huh:


But if you insist...try forwarding your uk domain to a seperate OSC shop that has the GBP as the default currency.


Better yet...just do everything twice...your going to need two databases...one for each domain. Then just set your default currencies. .com for USD and .uk for GBP.


I still don't understand why you would want to do that...that's the whole reason for OSC...to have everything in one place for ease of use...


I would go the simple route if I were you...just set up one store (.com) as the default store and just forward your .uk domain to that store. Index them seperately in the search engines with the meta tags...one that attracts US customers and the other keywords that attract UK customers.



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in your dns settings, you could have a url-frame or url-redirect for the .uk site pointing to the full url path to the .com/language-uk-selected url for your site's main page (www.site.com/index.php?language=en)... then hope the links work correctly, but leave that currency option (or language? huh?) option on the page so customer could select the correct currency if it goes weird. osc would need to be set up correctly for paths to work correctly from there. I never tried this for currencies but i got it working for languages before i found a better solution (sts with templates different with full path links to set it up. then eventually to just separate sites. but like i said, mine was for languages, not currency.........)

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if you set up the exact same store on 2 domains, Google will penalize you.


You should set up the shop on the .co.uk domain instead of .com, because you will get better placement on UK Google search results.

Then from your domain registrar, just do a forward from .com to .co.uk

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