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The e-commerce.

Would love your thoughts


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Tacky rather than wicked was my initial impression (sorry). .........


Get rid of the osC cartoons. Even against a white background they look bad. Against a black background well.....


The colour scheme doesn't quite work. Mostly it is the blue buttons.


It is not clear if you accept credit cards. I presume you do as you are a proper company. Make it more obvious.

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Don't be sorry that's the sort of stuff I'm after.


We do have a different sort of market in Australia that we are targeting that is a bit more "tacky" for the want of a better word. And I agree with your comments on the graphics. We will definatley work on that.


Thanks for your comments. We appreciate it positive or negative.

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1) PR not available, <title>That's Wicked</title> won't get you much better of a page rank than what you have. Install header tags.

2) <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="5000;URL=http://www.hi-voltage.com.au/index.php"> the URL from your home page does not even exist.

3) I hate main pages that you have to click to enter the site. There is no point to it.

4) "We do not share your information with other companies that are not related to TW." ... this is getting boring. How do you ship the product if you don't share the information with the post office????? (I should just include that in my signature and make my life easier.

5) Check your fonts on your privacy page, they are not the same -> However you must understand (check these words, you are missing the Arial font name)

6) I would change your buttons to the same orange and black. The osC buttons don't go with your colours.

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