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Review page display problems


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Thanks for reading and possibly offering your help ;)


For some reason, when I look at a review that's been entered & it's showing up correctly in the "review box", but when I click on the review to see the full review, I get sent to the products_reviews_info.php page where the complete review is supposed to show up.


Instead of everything showing, nothing shows up... the products image and star ranking image are broken... the "by" name is screwed up... and the date says Dec. 31, 1969.


I searched back a ways and found others having this problem, but no one had a fix. This is a live store, and we had our first product reviews recently. I need help with this one, bad.


Any ideas of how to fix it or what's going wrong?


Also, you can see the problems in person by going here and clicking on any of the reviews:

reviews display problem

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I messed with the coding and was able to make it so that you can read the whole review from the reviews.php page, and can't click into the actual review (where the layout was wrong).


Thanks for your help ;)

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we had the same problem on our shop www.nuss24.de but fortunately found a quick soultion in the form.


Just replace all occurances of the variable $review with anything else (e.g. $myreview). It seems the variable names where messed up.


Reviews are now working for us again.


Kind regards,



Michael Franke

Nuss24 - Ed & Fred Nussdepot

Immanuelkirchstr. 4, 10405 Berlin, Germany

Tel. 030 - 44 36 58 18 / Fax. 030 - 44 36 58 15

www.nuss24.de / [email protected]


Michael Franke, Systemtakt - neue Medien

Immanuelkirchstr. 4, 10405 Berlin, germany

Tel.: 030 - 44 36 58 0 Fax: 030 - 44 36 58 29

eMail: [email protected]

URL: www.systemtakt.de

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