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The e-commerce.

Various questions


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Hi guys. I've got a couple of questions that I'd like to ask you.


Firstly, how does the What's New script work? I've looked at the code but it is using products from the database. I ask because I'm looking to display random text in a box on the front page and would rather use a PHP script than a CGI one. If I could modify the What's New script to extract text from a file and accompany the text with a link to a club, then that would be good. Is it possible to do this and in what direction should I go?


Secondly, I'd also like to have say a "Club of the Month" which would have a picture of the club and links to the product's page. Is it possible to configure something in Admin so that a new club could be set every month? I guess that solving the first problem would get my some way towards solving the second!


Thirdly, is it possible to edit the site so that the Shopping cart only appears when a user is logged in? I don't think that there is any point in it appearing just for it to say 0 items displayed...


Fourthly, I currently have my page set up to show my categories on the main page...like so :




I would like to manipulate their position on the page - for example, moving them closer or further together - so if I have say 7 categories, I'd have 4 on one line and 3 on the other, not 3, 3, 1.


I appreciate that I've asked a lot of questions here and, I'd love it if you guys were able to help me out. Do not feel obliged to try and answer all the questions - just solving the odd one and ticking them off slowly is much better than having none at all!


Many thanks for your help so far guys.



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im sorry i dont have an answer to your questions but i would like to ask you one if you dont mind!


how did you get the login box at the top right of your page? how did you get it there at all?????


i want that same box in my page but i dont know how to get it there!!



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Yeah but I'm modding it...so when I finish, it won't look like that...I just did it incase I forget later on. :lol: Is it possible to have a copyrighted design when the project is open source?

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oh ok,


ermm yes i think so, if you put a completly new design that is urs then yes you own rights to it, ok the coding is not yours but surely the design is yours?

Not sure if thats right but ive changed my site you'd hardly know it was an oscommerce site so i think i own rights to my design. but not the code behind it.

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Thanks for telling me this - I'll certainly make sure I modify the design.


So guys, does anyone have any solutions or anything to point me in the right direction?

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