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World pay Module


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Hi everyone,


Ive installed the worldpay mod on to my shopping cart, It worked in test mode fine no errors, but i went to put it live and the following error came up:


Secure Payment Page

Sorry, there was an error in processing this transaction:

The information sent from the merchant's site is invalid or incomplete. Please send the following information to the merchant:

The transaction cannot be processed due to one or more of the following:


the merchant account is suspended

the currency you selected is not supported

the authorisation mode is incorrect

test mode is unavailable

the installation is not live



Server information 28/Oct/2004 08:28:20 Server ID mggwcc3a (WPReq-9062)


Ive sent a copy to world pay to see if there is a problem at their end - but if anyone has had this problem and resolved it I would really appriciate if you new how to solve it.


Cheers very much



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have you been accepted for live status yet? i have worldpay and could use the test mode after passing the first account "hurdles". When my application was fully confirmed and my site was assessed by Worldpay, they switched my account to allow live transactions.

When you go into your Worldpay admin, you should see a test account and a live account and there status.

If there is no Live account set to use at Worldpay, your website admins live mode will not work.



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