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Problem with shopping cart page


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A weird problem.


I wander around my site a little, add a product or two to the cart, then click to view my shopping cart.


The "Continue Shopping" button, which is supposed to point back to what you were just looking at previously, instead ALWAYS points to contact_us.php - despite me never going near contact_us.php.


I tried putting the "Back" code from product_info.php into shopping_cart.php in case there was a little bug I was missing, but the code is exactly the same with just a different image. And it still points to contact_us.php.


This is the "Continue Shopping" code:


   $back = sizeof($navigation->path)-2;
   if (isset($navigation->path[$back])) {
               <td class="main"><?php echo '<a href="' . tep_href_link($navigation->path[$back]['page'], tep_array_to_string($navigation->path[$back]['get'], array('action')), $navigation->path[$back]['mode']) . '">' . tep_image_button('button_continue_shopping.gif', IMAGE_BUTTON_CONTINUE_SHOPPING) . '</a>'; ?></td>


I can see nothing wrong with it and as I said, it's the same code in product_info.php but the code there works. What's going on?


Any help is appreciated.

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looks like ur the only person.. i had a look at the code, dint find anything, try look in ur navigation_history.php for any indifference from orginal coding


use the compare utillity to check the difference in coding between ur file and the orginal OSC one.. i use compareandmerge utility... http://www.compareandmerge.com/



all the best


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Well, tried the comparison:


Compare: (<)includes\classes\navigation_history.php (4188 bytes)

  with: (>)oscommerce-2.2ms2\catalog\includes\classes\navigation_history.php (4323 bytes)


The files are identical


I had never changed navigation_history.php and I don't recall any contribution doing it.


I've just put up on the site the original of product_info.php and tested it. Of course, then I remembered the problem was in shopping_cart.php. When I looked at that, suddenly the button was working fine again!


Your guess is as good as mine.

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