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I hope this is the right place to post this question.


I have not installed Oscommerce on my site yet because I'm looking to see if it will support everything I need. So far it appears to except I am onclear about one thing.


If I download and install the latest version of oscommerce and I want to accept couple codes how can I do this? I want to setup some codes with percentage discounts. So if a user puts in the code they get a 5% discount on their purchase. When there order is place I should have some way of clearly knowing that they used a certain coupon with their order. That way I know what coupon is working to attract business.


So far I have found Credit Class & Gift Voucher. I think this may be what I need but I'm not sure. I can't seem to find clear online documentation that explains what it is and how to install/use it.

I found this link


It seems to contain some patches and older full verions.


If this is the correct module is there a way to download the latested version of it?


If someone could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.


Thank you



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The gift voucher/credit class contribution is excellent for this purpose. It also gives you a lot of advanced features useful to maintain customer loyalty.


You can chose whether to send discount coupons to specific customers, specific email addresses, or just have a general word like "XMASOFFER" as the discount code.


You can chose whether to give the discount in monetary amounts or as a percentage. You can even specify a voucher for "free shipping".


You can also specify how many times each voucher can be used, how many times per customer, etc, and expiry dates.


If you have a clean version of osCommerce 2.2 MS2, you can simply copy the files from the GVCC module over your files, and it will replace everything. Then you also need to run the SQL query on your databse.


If you're like me, and have a heavily modified osCommerce, setup will take a couple of hours. But using DIFF or WinMerge, it's not difficult at all.


Good luck!

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