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The e-commerce.

Weird things afoot


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Ive been happily using the OScommerce for a good 6 months and am very happy with it.


However I went to login just now as admin and check order statuses and as I do so , it asks for the passwords as per normal but then the page comes up with


Fatal error: Cannot re-assign $this in /home/chris/public_html/xboxcouk/ecommerce/admin/includes/classes/upload.php on line 31


that particular line in the php says


$this = null;


I really have no idea as to what is going on and as such asking for general advice


The shop still seems to work fine


One thing is that I know that the servers have been upgraded to PHP 5 recently but I am unsure as to when that occured or if that has any bearing on it however I could access this yesterday with no problems


Thoughts anyone ?

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Your host has probably upgraded PHP to a version (probably 5.0) that does not allow re-assignment of the $this variable. Just comment it out and you you should be good to go with no other ill affects.


//$this = null




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Needless to say that seemed to work


Sometimes I feel that every avatar should have its own paypal button to pay people who help 'cos if they did - I'm sure people would be much better off


Thanks once again

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