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JPGs don't display on SSL pages.


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I changed an image on the top of my page (in includes/header.php) from a .gif to .jpg because .jpg is more effecient for this type of image, but it (the .jpg) won't display on any of my secure pages. The .gif displays on both secure and unsecure pages.


Both the .gif and .jpg have the same access rights (644) in the images/ directory.


I'm thinking that this may have something to do with the Image Watermark contribution I have installed, which uses .htaccess in the /Images directory to protect them. What happens is all access to .jpg files is forced through watermark.php which may or may not add a "watermark" image to the .jpg, depending on the size.


So coulud this process of using .htaccess and watermark.php be the problem? If so, what would I do to fix it? Any ideas are appreciated.


Thanks -Chris.

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try refering to the image via the secure path.


I tried that but no help. I also tried moving the .jpg out of /images (protected by .htaccess) into my catalog directory and access it from there but no help. I also have tried to bypass my thumbnail addon by adding the original tep_image() function back in (renamed) but no help.


Remember that if the file extension is .gif, it works fine. But if it's .jpg it doesn't show. Also, it's not that I'm getting a "You have secure and nonsecure items" dialog, but instead, the image just doesn't show up (a big red X where the image would be).


Any other ideas? I guess the key question is: Why does the image show if the filename extension is .GIF, but not if it is .JPG ???

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I've figured it out. :)


I need to access the .jpg from my Catalog directory AND use a secure path to it. Both. I tried both of these, but not together. :D


So it means that the combination of .htaccess in my .../images/ folder which routes .jpg files through watermark.php is not "working" correctly in a secure area. I think that's it because using a secure path to .../images/file.jpg would not work.


Is there a way to indicate that watermark.php should use SSL? I'm not sure how to word this. How do you indicate that watermark.php should be an SSL page?

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