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View Customers Password?


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A customer has complained that they can't log-in with their password, even after using password reminder.


I would like to be able to view customers passwords, and check that they work, so I know for sure that it is the customer that is at fault.


How do a view/check a customers password?


Perhaps when a new password reminder is sent, it could be cc'd in an email to me too?

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Hi Tom,


Passwords are stored in encrypted form in the data base, so of course you can't view them or un-encrypt them.


You could add a master password to your site so that you could logon as your customer and assist by changing their password to whatever they want. Look in Knowldege base for the details on "Master Passwords".


As you suggested, maybe get a copy of the email as the customer requests a new password. You would need to add another tep_mail function call in password_forgotten.php. Just dup the line and change the $email_address to SEND_EXTRA_ORDER_EMAILS_TO and you should then get a seperate email sent to you. (Make sure your admin page has the SEND_EXTRA_ORDER_EMAILS_TO set properly).




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Actually, it is hashed, not encrypted. "Encrypted" would imply that it could be decrypted. The password is passed through the MD5 hash algorithm and the hash is stored. This is a "one way" function and it is not possible to recover the plaintext password from the hash. When the customer logs in, the password they type in is hashed the same way and the results compared.

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Here's my work around to make sure that it is the customer at fault.


1. Log into the Admin, and change the customers email address to your own.

2. Go to the front-end of the site, and request a new password (using your email address).

3. You then receive a new password via email.

4. Log-in with your email & password to check it works.

5. In Admin, change the customers email address back to their own.

6. Email the customer with their email address & password.

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