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product attribute


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You need to give the URL before we can check out your site.


Product attributes allow you to add options to a product. For example, your product may be a shirt and you could add a size attribute with values S, M, L, XL. The user can then select a size and buy the shirt.



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Medvid, thanks I knew it was probly something like that.


The site is www.54graphics.com

then you select the catalog.


I think it's plain so I had someone change how many new products were allowed, but I dont like it, and dont know how to change it back.

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well, when you first go to the catalog, it shows just 3 new products, I would like it to show 6 new products.


I am new to this stuff, and slowly, slowly learning what the meaning for some of the terms are. and how to work with them to make the site the way I want it.

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